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We are one of the leading tour operator and travel service provider in north-India). We provide services for travel related and philosophical destinations in India. If you want to travel in India then I will be very happy to provide you services.
Our goal is always to make your journey safe and make the golden memories of life. We always try to make your journey according to your imagination. We provide travel related services to all the states of India.
“Himalayan Tourister” is capable of providing all travel services in India located in Palampur Himalchal Pradesh. We provide you with your travel related services 24 hours a day. We will give you all the necessary information related to your visit and provide information in detail in all places where you are going and provide a complete package of all services related to your according to your budget. We make available all travel related services to you individually according to your. We provide you with tour related tour packages in all states of India. In different areas related to travel in India and in the areas related to revised travel such as travel-related tour operater, transport, hotel, airways, railways and visa. “Himalayan Tourister” team is able to provide services related to your travel in all areas in India. We promise you that your journey will be recorded in the golden memories of your.


Our approach is to promote India tourism in world tourism by providing you the best services for travel to India filled with variations and to visit its tourist destinations.
We always strive to deliver the best services to our guest equivalents.
Our aim is to provide you with the best and best services related to travel in India.
Our aim is to get all the facilities related to travel in India.
Travel can be one of the most rewarding forms of introspection.
Travel teaches as much as books

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